Psychometric and Aptitude Tests

Most consultancies use psychometric tests comprising any arrangement of numeracy, verbal reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, data matrix, number sequence, and personality tests. The most common set-up is numeracy test followed by verbal reasoning.

For practice, take a look at the following:

Numeracy Tests

These tend to comprise 20-25 questions in 20-25 mins. Therefore those astute mathematicians will have reasoned 1 min per question. Some will take more time than others but on average this is the speed you should aim for. The questions will involve reading information from graphs and tables in order to calculate values by working out %’s and % increases and decreases; ratios and currency conversions (which are a favourite for many). The links above should provide you with ample information and practice.

Here are some basic formulae you might want to revise:

It’s all GCSE stuff. But you just need to get used to the style of the questions so that you can quickly identify what it’s asking you to do and therefore what calculations you need to complete. Practice will get your mind in the right gear. Just knowing the formulae is not enough, you need to get used to the style and format. Once you do, you’ll realise, all the questions are pretty much the same, just with different labels and figures.

Verbal Reasoning

With the Verbal tests, you should aim to read the paragraph of information quickly and aim to take in the main points made. Next, read the statement and read the paragraph in greater detail to understand if the assertion is proved, contradicted or left open. You may find yourself reading the paragraph over 2-3 times. This is fine and often necessary as there may be 2-3 statements that you will have to judge per paragraph.

The questions will tend to be presented thus:

The answer to the above is ‘Cannot Say’. The statement is not necessarily ‘false’ because the paragraph does not contradict what is asserted and it cannot be said to be ‘true’ because the paragraph only indicates that the travel industry has been hit hard and hotels are looking to actively attract business travellers now. Therefore, the statement that ‘more business travellers than ever before are staying in hotels’ could very well be true or false. The paragraph does not provide enough information to come down on one side or the other conclusively.



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