I am a fairly recent graduate. I graduated in July 2008 with a degree in English, a 2.1 from Bristol University. I then joined a recruitment consultancy where I specialised in delivering candidates to IT services and consulting firms such as Accenture, KPMG and PwC. I quit in September 2009 and went on holiday where I firmly decided I wanted to become a consultant just like the candidates I was representing and the clients I was working with.

For some months now (Since Nov/Dec’09) I have been applying, interviewing and assessment centering for many IT, consulting and pro services firms with varying levels of success, exasperation, and frustration. I have a neat spreadsheet detailing twenty applications stretching back to June’09 that has gradually boiled down to three opportunities at this immediate moment (Jan/Feb’10) which look very promising; let me share it with you. I want to.

As you can see and as I’m sure you’re aware, the recruitment process for graduate scheme places at many of these top firms is far from simple and often incredibly challenging, sometimes simply for the sake of the challenge, the challenge every potential ambitious results-oriented consultant relishes of course. However, a little help and guidance to take the edge off never hurt anyone. So think of this blog/ website/ online resource as that shot of whisky just to take the edge off and achieve some well deserved competitive advantage – it’s hopefully a bit more helpful than, ‘good luck and don’t be nervous, just imagine the interviewer in their underwear’. You can still do that if you wish of course but remember, metaphorical whisky unlike real alcohol can’t be smelt on your breath and sexual arousal may be, at best, frowned upon, at worse, very very awkward. This is an interview process after all not a toga party.


PS. A Happy Ending: March 2010, I have offers from PwC (Management Consulting) and IBM Global Business Services (IT Consultant). I have gratefully accepted the offer from PwC, starting in London on April 12th 2010. (CSC still have me in process)

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